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Employment Law for the Business Owner

Aside from delivering their products and services, my clients tell me that the most challenging aspect of their business life is dealing with employees. Employment Law is diverse and its principals arise from many aspects of the law: contracts, wage payment statutes, civil rights laws, privacy rights, healthcare law, tax and insurance law, among others. Many business owners are not aware of the vast scope of employment law and the circumstances in which employment law should factor into business decision making. The job of the employment lawyer is to guide the business owner in the best direction, taking into account the number of employees, the industry, the nature of the employees and the employer’s budget for legal services.

I have represented employers in many industries: medicine, food service, hospitality, insurance, construction, education and law, my clients include three-person operations, mid-sized law firms, and a regional hospital. Over the last 30 years, I have provided guidance and counseling in response to my clients critical employment needs:

  • How best to handle an investigatory letter from regulators such as the EEOC or Labor and Employment
  • Managing staff growth with an effective and readable employment handbook
  • Contracting with the high-value salesperson or executive and implementing non-disclosure and solicitation agreements
  • Paying employees a wage or salary, consistent with Federal and State laws
  • Termination of employees in an effective and legally prudent manner

Employment Law for the Employee


Among the most rewarding aspects of my job is to provide advice to the employee in need, the man or woman who faces a new job, or the termination of the existing one; questions about wage or discrimination law, or how to deal with the document he or she just got: the contract, the handbook, the policy, each of which sounds as if it was drafted by a team of management lawyers. Employees at every level of experience and across industries all face similar problems requiring the advice of a seasoned employment lawyer:

  • What is the effect of my Severance Agreement and Release? Is it fair to me after 30 years with the company?
  •  My manager said that I have to sign this Employment Agreement, and it appears to have a non-competition provision. Is it enforceable, should I sign it?
  • My boss tells me that I am a professional and I get a salary only, I think that I’m entitled to overtime– Am I, or am I  better off staying salaried even if I am properly classified as an hourly wage earner?

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Employment matters dealing with contract review wage or policy interpretation can be handled with a single consultation for a fixed fee. Other matters, e.g. dealing with regulators, conducting employment investigations, policy and handbook development require more thought, careful planning and drafting. I can provide an estimate for time and fees. Please reach me by phone: (410) 825-0570 or online so that I can begin to help you manage your employment law needs.

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