The Contemporary Healthcare Environment 

Physicians, physician assistants, surgeons, dentists and similar professionals have unique legal needs arising in their workplaces. An incredible array of challenges face you every day.

In the contemporary health care environment, I have represented health care professionals and institutions for over 25 years.  My clients include a regional hospital, medical specialty practices as well as physicians, surgeons, dentists, physician assistants, hygienists, and psychologists.

I offer guidance and assist in carefully-drafted documents that protect health care professionals as well as help achieve their career goals and go about the vital business of helping patients.  Over the years, I have  navigated questions such as:

Employment Contracts

  • Were you required to sign an employment contract that would restrict your practice?
  • What happens if your employment does not work out and there is a termination? Can you practice nearby or are you under geographic restrictions?
  • Is there a “non-solicitation” clause prohibiting contact with practice patients when employment has ended?

Bonus or Ownership Structure

  • Are there bonuses tied to productivity?
  • Have you been offered the promise of ownership after a period of time or after the achievement of a revenue goal?

End of Career Considerations

  • Are you looking for a buy-out of your contract?
  • Do you wish to sell your practice?
  • Are you considering moving into a consulting role or going “in-house” with a hospital or surgery center?

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